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    How can I ensure all jobs in a cyclic smart folder execute?

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      I have three jobs which are cyclic and run together.  One on Z/OS and two on a Linux agent.  The jobs are scheduled to run every two hours beginning at 00:05 and ending at 21:30.  The issue:  Job A runs on Z/OS, then Job B runs on Linux and then Job C.  Life's good except when Job B runs for 4,5,6 hours and runs beyond the 21:30 from time.  Job C then does not execute.  How can this be solved so Job C can be ran if the start time has passed.  Since Job C is on Linux and Job A is on Z/OS a global conditions prefix is utilized (gloJobAtoJobB).  I thought maybe forcing Job C to schedule when Job B finishes.  But that breaks they global connection from Job C to Job A.