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    HP OneView, Blade Enclosures and Virtual MAC addresses

    Steve Cupp

      Has anyone dealt with this hardware configuration and had problems with WinPE 5.0, once loaded, recognizing the NICs?


      In our case, the BL460c Gen 8 Model 3 servers PXE boot correctly and load our WinPE 5.0 boot image. Once loaded WinPE has trouble recognizing any of the NICs. Sometimes the errors are related to not getting a "DHCPAck" responce, other times the message is that there are no NICs in a usable state. In either case it seems the NICs are just not functioning correctly. I have verified that the correct driver is in the WinPE boot image.


      I'm wondering if the MAC virtual addresses that OneView uses is somehow messing with the BSA processes that are running once WinPE is running.