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    Patch Management Job fails for KB3135996 with LASTERR=-2146762486

      During the most recent patching cycle have run into a problem with some servers that require the update KB3135996 failing with error LASTERR=-2146762486. Researched the discussion boards and found the article about a known issue with this update per Microsoft kb3149737, however applying the latest certificate did not correct my problems. If I attempt to manually patch the servers via Windows Update I am prompted that Windows Update needs to install an update to Windows Update first before looking for needed patches.


      Are the updated Windows Update files required for BSA to perform patching, and if so, how can I perform the update via BSA?  Anyone else run into this issue?


      Running BMC BSA 8.5.01, patching Windows Server 2008 R2 machines, logs attached for review.