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    Windows Catalog Smartgroup Select_Property Missing Properties

    Rob Slattery

      BladeLogic version 8.3.03

      Windows Patch Catalog

      Windows SmartGroups


      We have someone using a particular role where in the past, they perform Windows CUj's and create the appropriate SmartGroups.


      Today, after they performed the CUj, they started to create the smartgroup and when they started to select the conditions, several of the select_property values were missing (see picture).  What actually controls what people can and cannot see within this particular drop-down?  I've compared roles, authorizations, etc. from another environment (same person) and they seem to be matching up just fine.


      The smartgroup has full permissions for this person (ACL's are good, too).  However, I created the same smartgroup, added this persons role, and they can see everything they usually see.


      Question again, what actually controls this drop-down?