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    Can a BSA File sever deployed as NFS/NAS storage work with Advanced Repeaters technology?

      Hi guys!


      Well here the doubts I have, we want to use NFS or NAS Storage for or as the BSA File server as recommended for large scale environments as our.


      But I have some doubts about how this deployment use case works with Advanced Repeaters.


      "Advanced Repeaters


      An Advanced Repeater server is simply a repeater that uses BMC BladeLogic Advanced Repeater technology to enable file servers and repeater servers to store and share data more efficiently. BMC recommends the use of advanced repeaters whenever repeaters are deployed across a WAN."


      So that, from here my question. Advanced Repeaters technology can work with a NFS deployment use case? Or do do we have to use the typical BSA File Server (set up as Advanced File Server) deployment using NSH protocol to work with Advanced Repeaters technology?


      I don't know why but it not clear, because in some way it seems that the Advanced Repeaters technology has to works coupled with the Advanced File Server technology, and as far as I know there is no way to set a NSF/NAS storage location as file server in the advanced mode.


      I hope I made myself clear. Thanks in advanced.