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    Attempting to sync over Functional Container of Load Balancer Services

    Brian Soefje
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      We would like to build some logical containers in our CMDB as BMC_ConcreteCollection CIs with like Load Balancer Services as members. I built some TPL to find like LB Services, model a FuntionalComponent and added the LB Services as Contained Functionality.

      This seemed to work fine - so on to how to get this synced over to CMDB.


      The error I get attempting to upload this sync pattern = Destination role is not a mapping target.

      Sync script:

      syncmapping FunctionalComponent_ConcreteCollection_Custom 2.0


          FunctionalComponent mapped to ConcreteCollection



              tags Custom, CMDB, LB_Service_Container;

              datamodel 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6;

          end overview;



          mapping from LoadBalancerInstance.lb_service

              as contained_node



              traverse ContainedFunctionality:FunctionalContainment:FunctionalContainer:FunctionalComponent as fc

                  collection -> BMC_ConcreteCollection;

              end traverse;

          end mapping;




              contained_ci := LoadBalancerInstance.lb_service;



              for each fc do

                  collection := sync.shared.BMC_ConcreteCollection(

                      key              := fc.key,

                      Name             := fc.name,

                      ShortDescription := fc.name,

                      Description      := fc.name,

                      Model            := fc.type,

                      Company          := "xxx",

                      Category         := "Software",

                      Type             := "Application",

                      Item             := "Functional Component",

                      ImpactComputationModel := "WEIGHTED_CLUSTER"



                      Source      := collection,

                      Destination := contained_ci,

                      Name        := "ITEMINFUNCTIONALCOMPONENT"


              end for;

          end body;

      end syncmapping;