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    Trying to find file version and installed date via WMIC for EO

    Mark Casey

      Greetings, I'm trying to use the following command to build an EO in BSA 8.5.


      wmic datafile where name="C:\\windows\\system32\\rdns.exe" get Version,InstallDate


      If I run this command on a Windows Server, it returns something like this:


      InstallDate                Version



      Which I would like to parse into an EO, so I can create a BDSSA report on the version and install date information.


      Everything I've tried to do in the BSA console has failed. I've tried remote and central execution, I've tried wrapping it in a cmd /c, I've tried running it from nexec...


      Whatever I try, isn't working.  I'm thinking it has to do with the backslashes, but I can't pinpoint the issue.


      Any one have any ideas, or better way to do this?