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    Why IS server required ?

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      Hi All,


            My question is why we need IS server when its only use for sending events, there is no other use of it.

            Is there any scenario that we can avoid use of IS server.


           Please provide your comments.




      Ishant Walia

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          Arjun Thakur

          Dear Ishant,

          Below are some of the extract from TSIM PDF, that will help you understand Integration Service:


          Integration Service

          Does the PATROL Agent
          now push data to the Integration Service?

          1. Yes. PATROL Agents version
   and later pushed data to the Integration Service. In

          Infrastructure Management,
          the PATROL Agent pushes the data all the way to the Infrastructure

          Management Server (through
          communication managed by the Integration Service).

          Have only the terms
          related to the Integration Service components changed or has

          the technology also

          The technology has also changed. Integration Service comprises the Integration Service and the

          event cell. 9.5 BMC PATROL
          Agents do not communicate their data to a "BMC PATROL proxy

          server" any longer. PATROL Agents connect to the Integration Service and data is moved directly

          to the BMC TrueSight
          Infrastructure Management Server. Additionally, events can be sent to the

          Integration Service on the
          same port along with the performance data.

          Home BMC Software

          BMC TrueSight
          Infrastructure Management 10.0 Page 178 of 3231

          When I integrate with
          third party products or other monitoring tools, should I

          integrate with the
          Integration Service?

          Yes, the Integration
          Service computer acts as the "entry point" to the architecture. All
          sources of

          data and events must
          connect to an entry point. Some integrations may only leverage events into

          the architecture, but they
          must still connect to an Integration Server (for example, event only).

          Is it okay to install
          multiple instances of the Integration Service (that includes the

          Integration Service,
          cell, and BMC Event Adapter)?

          1. Yes. Multiple instances of
            the Integration Service are supported. Installation of the cell components

          is required only once.
          Additional cells are created leveraging and configuring BMC Event Manager

          1. commands. Additional
            Integration Service instances can be installed on the same node as well.

          Installation of additional
          Integration Services provides a notation that cell components will be

          skipped during

          Is it mandatory to
          select a standalone Integration Service as a staging Integration


          1. Yes. Central Monitoring
            Administration does not support clustering staging Integration Services. It

          is important to note that
          clustering Integration Services create a comma separated list of

          Integration Services for
          the PATROL Agent. Because Central Monitoring Administration does not

          provide the staging
          Integration Service instruction to the PATROL Agent (this happens during the

          installation of the PATROL
          Agent), clustering may not be feasible. However, you can identify

          multiple Integration
          Services as staging Integration Services and when
          the PATROL Agent

          installation package , use a
          comma separated list of these Integration Services. The PATROL

          Agent then connects to the
          first one it finds available in the list.

          Should I not install the
          Monitor to Monitor KM on Integration Service hosts?

          1. Yes. The the Monitor to
            Monitor KM is not needed on Integration Service hosts and it will not

          monitor the Integration
          Service processes. The KM was designed for the older Integration Service

          1. processes. In-built self
            monitoring replaces the KM. You must also install a PATROL Agent and an

          OS KM on the Integration
          Service nodes so that you can monitor the Integration Service processes

          1. externally.

          If I want only event
          management, do I need the Integration Service if I am already

          using MCxP?

          You need not install the
          Integration Service process if you are using Infrastructure Management

          only for event management.
          Third party events can be sent to event management cells directly. If

          you are using PATROL
          Agents and KMs for event detection, BMC recommends that you install the

          Integration Service and
          configure according to the
          Integration Service host deployment and

          practices for event
          processing and propagation (see page 213)
          so that events from PATROL

          Home BMC Software

          BMC TrueSight
          Infrastructure Management 10.0 Page 179 of 3231

          Agents are sent to the
          Integration Services. This recommendation allows you to easily take

          advantage of trending
          Key Performance Indicators (KPI) (see page 1956) data in

          Infrastructure Management.
          In event only Integration Service installations, it is best to ensure that

          the cells used have all
          the latest and correct event processing data classes and rules.

          Can I move agents from
          one Integration Service to another?

          1. Yes. The move is very
            quick and there is no missing data after the move.

          Can I have two servers
          defined in the Integration Service rule?

          1. Yes.

          Can two servers can be
          defined in the agent rule that defines Integration Service


          1. Yes. This is supported as
            a cluster configuration in Central Monitoring Administration.

          Staging Integration

          What is the difference
          between an Integration Service and a staging Integration


          A staging
          Integration Service
          allows you to automate the PATROL Agent to Integration Service

          configuration without
          sending data to the Infrastructure Management Server. It is used to automate

          which normal Integration
          Service or Integration Service cluster an agent must connect to. A staging

          Integration Service does
          not implement any monitoring policies.

          What is the staging
          Integration Service used for?

          The staging
          Integration Service
          is used as a common initial place for newly installed PATROL

          Agents to enter the
          Infrastructure Management architecture. Staging policies can then decide

          "production" Integration Service the PATROL Agent(s) must connect to
          going forward and

          optionally assign any
          agent tag(s) if required.

          What is the concept
          behind configuring an Integration Service as a staging

          Integration Service?

          When you install a
          Infrastructure Management Server, a local Integration Service is installed by

          1. default. BMC recommends
            that the Integration Service be used as a
            staging Integration Service

          . Never use the
          Integration Service on the Infrastructure Management Server for data

          Do I really need the
          staging Integration Service node?

          It is not required but it
          is a best practice. A
          staging Integration Service makes for easier agent

          1. deployment.

          Do I need to create the
          staging policy manually?

          1. Yes. A staging
            must be created manually. It is then applied based on the agent

          criteria against
          agents connecting to any staging Integration Service.

          Home BMC Software

          BMC TrueSight
          Infrastructure Management 10.0 Page 180 of 3231

          Is it necessary to have
          a staging Integration Service?

          A staging
          Integration Service
          is not required if you know and configure the agent installation

          packages to contain the
          production Integration Service you want the agents to connect to. If you

          define the process and
          infrastructure so that each agent has the appropriate configuration for the

          Integration Service nodes,
          you do not have to use a staging Integration Service. The staging

          Integration Service is not
          mandatory. It is available to provide a central point to introduce agents to

          Infrastructure Management
          and to streamline the agent deployment process.

          How can I load balance
          thousands of PATROL Agents? Should I apply a tag to

          these agents first?

          You must use a third party
          load balancer to load balance PATROL Agents across Integration

          Service nodes. You can
          also use a
          staging policy to apply tags to the PATROL Agents; however

          a load balancer eliminates
          the manual task of assigning tags for this purpose.

          Does the staging
          Integration Service have limitations related to the number of

          PATROL Agents?

          There are no known
          limitations. PATROL Agents connect and get reassigned to a production

          Integration Service
          immediately. In general, agents are assigned to the production Integration

          Service in less than a

          Does staging contain
          only the final Integration Service that monitors all the

          parameters and

          1. No. A staging
            Integration Service
            does not apply monitoring policies to the
            PATROL Agent. It

          only applies to staging
          that contain final the Integration Service configuration and

          optionally tags for the
          PATROL Agent.

          Does the PATROL Agent
          initiate a connection with the staging Integration Service

          every time I restart the

          The PATROL Agent connects
          to the
          staging Integration Service based on the configuration in

          the agent installation
          package, the first time the agent starts. The staging Integration Service then

          applies a staging
          to the agent. The staging policy contains the final Integration

          that the agent then
          connects to. After the staging policy is applied, the agent connects to the

          Integration Service and
          does not reconnect to the staging Integration Service. It does not

          reconnect to the staging
          Integration Service after a restart. If the agent were to be purged, it goes

          back to the staging
          Integration Service for reassignment.

          Does a staging policy
          only contain the Integration Service to which the PATROL

          Agent connects?

          1. Generally. Additionally, astaging policy can assign required tags to the PATROL Agent
            as part
            of the staging.


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            Hi Dear,


                  What i was asking if i have a small enviornment like 4-5 servers then what is the need of IS as a mediator?

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              Arjun Thakur

              Dear Ishant,

              For the size of your environment, you can use the IS installed on TSIM Server. However, this is not recommended practice.




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                TSIM ? please elaborate this.

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                  Arjun Thakur

                  Dear Ishant,

                  TSIM stands for TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.




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                    Daric Smith

                    Ishant, we have two environments: Our Production Environment with 1400+ systems on it.  That infrastructure requires an integration service node (ISN) and can handle 900(ish) agents per ISN.  We have three behind a load balancer in the event of failure so it spreads them out with around 500 per ISN.


                    We also have a Pre-prod environment with a single server that holds both the TrueSight Presentation Server and the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.  We have about 15-20 agents connected to this pre-prod environment with zero problems.


                    The TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server does have an Integration Service but is a light-weight version of the stand alone ISN and is documented to handle 25 agents.

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                      Daric Smith thanks. 

                      i'm working in BPPM 9.0 environment, will you please tell me how many devices it can handle ?

                      Also please let me know the features of ISN ?



                      Ishant Walia

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                        Daric Smith

                        Is this a new installation of BPPM with "new" being a misnomer as v9 is pretty old.


                        The ISN offloads work from the central server so it doesn't have to handle rate and event data from 900 agents it is only handling data from a 1 or more ISNs so rate and the agent controller can keep up with the stream.


                        You line of questioning is pretty sparse and lacks a description of what you are trying to accomplish.  If you have a small environment with less than 25 servers, then you don't need an ISN.  Any more than that you need to install an ISN.


                        v9 is old and never used but if you stick with what I said above, you will be good.

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                          Pradeep Nagar

                          Hi Daric Daric Smith

                          I was looking for some details on Integration service and saw your update. Thought it is very old thread but just wondering if you can help me with one query related to integration service load balancer.

                          I can see you mentioned you have 1400+ servers and have three behind a load balancer in the event of failure so it spreads them out with around 500 per ISN
                          so if I understood it correctly then you have 3 integration services configured in load balancer to handle 1400+ servers Load balancer is equally distributing load like 500 servers to each Integration service -Is that correct ?

                          May I know which algorithm you are using here - Round Robin or Lead loaded/least connection ?

                          Also did you set any connection limit on individual Integration so it won't reach max 900 server limit per integration service ?


                          We have very huge setup and planning to implement Integration Service having LB in between so thought to check your experience with same.


                          Thanks in advance !