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    How do you prefer your proactive notification?

    Michele Marques
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      BMC provides proactive notification to send you email alerts when there is new documentation released for products. Have you signed up for proactive notification?


      For most products, proactive notification email alerts indicate the applicable product or products, provide a 1- or 2-sentence summary, and a link to the document. For PDF documents, the link points to the PDF. For documentation on docs.bmc.com, the link points to the home page of the doc space (for a new product release) or to a specific page (such as a service pack or patch information page).


      Recently, we have been piloting sending a longer message. For example, the email alert for a new release summarizes enhancements in the new release. Have you seen this longer style of proactive notification?


      Do you prefer the short summary or the longer explanation in your proactive notification email alert?

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          Jason Miller

          I love having the proactive notifications. I releases and bulletins are quickly brought to my attention; one that I may have overlooked completely if I had to go looking for them.


          I don't recall seeing a longer message but I think as long as they are not too often (guess it depends on how much you are subscribed to) that having a summary of the release would be nice. I think there is a bit of a balancing act with how much/little to send and how often.