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    Issue with offline Patch catalog for child channels

      Hello All,


      The offline Patch Catalog that we have Created is not performing any real Patch Analysis  and hence not doing any remediation .

      There are Child Channels inside the base channel of Multiple RPMs that needs upgrade and the Patch Analysis Job is not listing them as well.

      Logs attached. let us know if you find the resolution.




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          Bill Robinson

          can you run the job w/ the DEBUG_MODE_ENABLED property set to true, and then gather the debug output, including the yum output which will be copied back to the appserver, in a directory like:


          NSH/tmp/debug/<appserver name>/<job name>/<job run time>/<target name>


          it should contain:

          analysis_err.log  analysis_log.log  analysis_res.log  installed_rpms.log  repo  repodata.tar.gz  yum_analysis.res  yum.conf  yum.err.log  yum.lst