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    Changing schedule ownership?

    richard mcleod

      I'm sure this has been asked before but the search functionality on communities is ... lacking. Unable to find anything related. Sorry if dupe



      Anyway, cast your mind, Employee 1234 has ten scheduled jobs in BSA, maybe some are execution tasks, employee 1234 suddenly decides he/she wants to go make beer and quits their job. Employee's accounts at the company are disabled, access is removed, but BSA maintains the user account in the schedule, so now when the job runs, it is attempting to execute as a user who is no longer there. Essentially those jobs are worthless until employee 1235 comes along (finds them) then updates the schedule or description.


      This is highly manual and quite tedious. Has anyone come up with a decent solution to s/employee1234/employee1235/g ??


      I assume most of this could be done with a blcli but you would need to know the location of each scheduled job/execution task. Is there anyway to gather whats been scheduled by user via blcli or does that need some database queries?