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    Error connecting to host through proxy, unable to copy script

    Argyris Spinos

      Good day,


      A compliance rule of mine uses an EO which is a central execution of a .sh script through scriptutil. The .sh script resides on the file server (which is also a JOB app server) and is on the same network as the Config app server.

      When I run the rule against an agent which is behind a socks proxy I get error:


      Error connecting to host: ‘file server hostname’ through proxy: ‘proxy hostname’ port 1080 error SOCKS server reports TTL expired ()

      Unable to copy script //fileserver/path/script.sh to host ‘agent behind proxy hostname’. No such file or directory.


      The same rule works fine when I target an agent on the same network as the app servers (not behind proxy).

      Wondering why is it that proxy is trying to connect to file server to retrieve the script. Shouldn’t the app server initiate the copy through the proxy and not the other way around?


      Many thanks