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    BMC Virtual Chat 9.1 Issue

    Rahul Priyadarshy

      Hi All,


      We have installed and configured BMC Virtual Chat 9.1 on dev server (2 App + 1 Mid Tier).

      Env- ARS 9.0.1 & ITSM 9.0.1 & BMC V Chat 9.1


      Basics tests are thru like opening of Links like Chat Translation Server link  Chat Notification  Server  links etc. Its set as Agent Only mode.


      Issue is coming in real scenario testing.  We have  one end user id and one support console id. End user send a chat and its appearing in Support Agent Console. As a remedy admin I can  see this and responds back to end user.


      Issue 1 - My response to end user is not reaching on chat window.

      Issue 2 - Chat coming to Support Agent Console is also very slow.


      Note- If I close the chat of end user its creating incident which is expected.


      Please put some lightt on this - what checks and stuffs I have to do for correcting above issues. Thanks in advance.