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    Post Provisioning DNS Job.

    ren s

      Script required for DNS upgrade (Linux & Windows OS).


      We are using BSA 8.3.03 and CLM for VM provisioning(through VGP job). We are provision the VMs over 7 different geographical area each local we are using dedicated DNS servers so I have to create some post provisioning job for DNS.


      Needs someone help to create the script for Linux and Windows OS. We have the AO in our environment so I can pass the location details when we trigger the job through AO.


      Note : we can't create the multiple VM templates for this.

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          Bill Robinson

          What DNS are you using ?  what auto-update capabilities does it have ?  and can’t clm do this natively ?

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            ren s

            Hi Bill,


            We are deploying the primary & secondary nameserver in post provisioning batch job (below screen shot job is part of post provisioning batch job).


            As per the our existing setup we are using only one DNS update job (above screen shot job) for all the geographical area. as per the new requirement we have to use multiple DNS primary and secondary nameserver based on location. Example :- If VM location is Singapore i have to use Singapore DNS primary and seconder name server.If VM location is US i have to use US DNS primary and secondary name server. How to achieve this ?

            clm can’t do this natively - because we have to preform this DNS update after the post provision only. and we are using common OS service blueprint for all the location.

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              Bill Robinson

              oh - so you are trying to update the resolv.conf w/ the dns server entries, not register the box in dns ?  the original post was a little ambiguous. 


              so one way would be w/ an auto-remediate compliance job: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/bsa87/How+to+use+Compliance+with+site-specific+values

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                Daniel Goetzman

                You might consider...


                As this uses what I call "Site Specific" values depending on the datacenter/site a server is located in, we use Components with local PSI (Property Set Instances) one local PSI defined per site containing the DNS server values all defined in the Component Template.


                This is sort of an advanced Component Template setup and requires careful configuration to work including passing correct values to the common remediation packages.


                but it works very well and we use this!


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