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    How to update 'server.*' permission to 3000 servers

    Dinesh Babu Bashyam

      Hi,  I want to update the following permission to some 3000 servers.  The permission to update is Role --> 'BLAdmins' and Authorization should be 'Server.*'.


      Is there any easier way to update rather than update the permission by selecting the server individually?


      What I am doing currently to update is:


      1. Login into BSA console as 'RBACAdmin' and select the server that needs this permission

      2. In the Permissions --> click the '+' button --> Choose the 'Bladmin' --> Select 'Server.*'


      The above process assigns the permission and we are able to process the servers for decomission'ing. 


      What I wanted is, how to assign this permission in a easier way?


      Thanks for any inputs,