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    Using ARP table on Discovery appliance to collect MAC Address

    Matt Reardon
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      I'm fairly new to Discovery, so forgive me if this has already been answered elsewhere!


      I have two devices returned by the 'Possible Host Endpoints' report, which are only being reported as their IP addresses. I have no credentials for them, and Discovery seems to be incapable of reporting their MAC addresses, making it difficult for me to identify what the devices actually are.


      Following a Discovery sweep scan, the ARP table of the Discovery appliance contains records for both devices, along with their MAC addresses. From the first six digits of the MAC address, I've been able to identify the manufacturer and from there the type of device. It turns out they are Ubiquity Wireless Access Points.


      To perform the ARP query, I logged onto the appliance using Putty as the 'tideway' account, then ran 'ARP -a'.


      My question is this - can Discovery use the local appliance's ARP cache to report MAC addresses of otherwise unknown devices?