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    Suse11 service pack upgrade using BSA Patch management

    Neel Shaha

      Hello Folks,


      Is it possible to upgrade Suse 11 service pack from SP3 to SP4 using BSA 8.6? or we can only upgrade Suse 11 SP1 to SP2 & SP2 to SP3?


      Also, I found below link in BMC Server Automation online docs & there are 2 ways to upgrade service packs for Suse.

      Which one is the best & recommended by BMC from below link?

      Using BMC Server Automation to patch or update to SuSE 11 SP2 - BMC Server Automation 8.3 - BMC Documentation


      Also, how easy it would be to use BL to upgrade Service packs on SLES (e.g. 11 SP3 to SP4) & can anyone tell me that roughly how much effort it would be to set up catalogs, jobs, etc.?


      Kindly suggest & Thanks in advance


      Best Regards,

      Neel Shaha