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    Why is Advanced Audit Policy not showing up under the Security Settings in Live view?

    J W

      Advanced Audit Policy is not showing up under the Security Settings in the Live view for all of our Windows servers including 2008-2012R2. As far as we know, this has never worked for us. The main reason we found this issue is because we have started using the CIS compliance templates which we have found requires the Advanced Audit Policy setting to work properly. We are using I also ran Distribute Config Objects against the servers in question.


      We do have a support ticket which is 00078237 but I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Support has told us that the commands it uses are as follows:


      secedit /export /cfg C:\local.txt

      secedit /export /mergedpolicy /cfg C:\effective.txt


      I am a little confused by this because according to MSFT this will not work and you must use auditpol.exe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.