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    Creating patch repo for AIX from available payload

      Hi all, the customer has a payload location with .bff patches and they want to create a custom repo for AIX, outside of the standard TL/SP structure


      I remember we can do this for Redhat patching, run Offline downloader script to create a Blade repo based on repoLocation and payloadLocation parameters,


      for AIX it requires a FixGet list file for some reason,


      aix_downloader.bat|sh aix_downloader.sh -createRepo -repoLocation "<locationOperSysArch>" -srcLocation "<locationExistingRepository>" -fixgetFile "<locationFilesets.txt>" -renamepayload


      This command uses the following parameters:


      Location of the repository used by BMC Server Automation
      Quotation marks around the path are required.


      Location of the metadata and payload you downloaded from the vendor site using the following format:

      • Loc1(Loc2) is a location on a server with Internet access where the metadata and payload are stored.
      • os-arch is the OS/architecture combination used during download.
        You can supply more than one combination using a semi-colon (;) between each set of information. Quotation marks are required.


      If migrating from a BMC BladeLogic Vendor Patch Content patch repository, the Fileset.txt file is located in the Policy subdirectory of the AIX installation directory. For the TL 6100-04, point to the file located in:vpcInstallDir\aixpu\policies\6.1\Levels\6100-04. Quotation marks around the path are required.


      (Optional) If the source and the new repository are the same location, rename older payloads with the naming conventions used in the version 8.1.00 patch repository. If not specified, new copies of the older payloads are created. Quotation marks around the path are required.



      the customer never installed VPC for AIX (its BSA 86), so they dont have a Fileset.txt file anywhere, how do you generate this?


      Is it possible to create a custom repo using the downloader this way?