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    Users getting an error when trying to create a work order in SDE 9

      I know it's archaic software, but we are still running SDE 9.0.  One group was set up in group permissions to not be able to Select, Insert, Update, or Delete Work Order Details or Work orders.  When they tried to create one, they of course received an error message.  I have since given them permission and applied it to all members of the group, we have even restarted the IIS server.  When they try to create a Work Order they received the following error message;


      (10000) Record Not Saved: This was most likely caused by one of the following:


      1. Attempting to create a record with an existing ID.


      2. A required field has been placed on the form through form customization.


      ORA-01031: insufficient privileges.


      I have attempted to copy permission for both the group and for individuals of the group with the same results.  If I add them to another group, that never had the permissions removed, they are able to create the work orders, but we want to keep these group names for tracking.


      Am I missing something here?  Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can give me.