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    Issue with fresh installation of application server

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      Hello All,


      We are facing issue during installation of primary BSA  application server (v8.6.01) installation through unified installer.


      It accepts all the provided configurations, DB connection is successful, starts the installation but throws an error at last. I've tried looking into logs, but couldn't find any event in specific that displays the reason for failure.


      Application Server:

      OS - Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition


      Database Server:

      OS - Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition

      DB - MSSQL 2012


      Can anyone suggest if there is anything I need to check?

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          I guess you need to be more specific.


          What is the error message you are getting ?

          There must be something in the Log of the unified installer.


          The main log file written during an installation or upgrade operation is bsainstallupgrade.log. This log file is stored in %TEMP% (on Windows) or in /tmp (on Linux).


          Can you maybe attach it ?




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            Bill Robinson

            there should also be a %TEMP%\om-install.log for the appserver installer if that's the bit that's having an issue.

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              Sorry for the delay, but Steffen Kreis the error isn't pointing anything specific.


              PROGRESS EVENT {Description=[BMC BladeLogic Server Automation (28%)],Progress=[28],Detail=[Installing Application Server (Remaining time - 45 mins 42 secs)]}

              (Mar 15 2016 11:06:40.273 AM -0700),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.product.bladelogic.fresh.BladelogicFreshInstallManager,

                THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[A component installation has failed.],Detail=[Command execution returned a non-zero code (-2147213312): ]},








                java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(Unknown Source)

                java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)

                java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source)

                java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)]

              (Mar 15 2016 11:06:40.273 AM -0700),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.task.InstallationStateHelper,

                LOG EVENT {Description=[featureBSAOneClickInstall failed: <p>BMC BladeLogic Server Automation installation failed.<br><br>For more information please refer to the log file bsainstallupgrade.log present in the host computer's temp directory.</p>],Detail=[featureBSAOneClickInstall]}

              This is all I can find about the failure of installation.


              I've attached log generated in \AppData\Local\Temp folder under user profile. As I was unable to find file upload option, I've uploaded the files in the below location:






              Kindly check and confirm.


              ! !Bill Robinson, no om-install.log is generated under the mentioned folder.

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                Bill Robinson this issue was discussed in the below mentioned thread and the user said the issue was resolved after logging a support ticket:




                Can you just look into the support ticket mentioned in the thread and suggest for any action?

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                  Per the Correct Answer post in the other thread, the solution in that case was to use Individual Component Install rather than UPI


                  If you run the individual component installer, it will allow you to see more closely what might be the problem.  An unexpected pop-up message is a possible cause.  The UPI runs a silent install, and only handles expected conditions.


                  So, please go ahead and run the individual installer and let us know how you get on