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    ETL Jobs are aborting prematurely

    Steffen Kreis



      we are all of a sudden see issues with our ETL Jobs from BSA againts the BDSSA Server.

      The NSH Script job just fails in the middle of the ETL sequence with these messanges:



      Info        Mon, 14 Mar 2016 12:00:10          Exit Code 13

      Info        Mon, 14 Mar 2016 12:00:10          nexec: ioctl error: 0


      In the rscd.log on the BDSSA Server we can see this at the exact same time:


      03/14/16 12:00:10.533 INFO     rscd - 1036 AUTOMATION_PRINCIPAL:PasswordLogon (BLAdmins:user@DOMAIN.COM): nexec: Nexec: Connection got reset errorno:0

      03/14/16 12:00:11.157 INFO1    rscd - 1036 ta2bldj@ztb.icb.commerzbank.com:PasswordLogonAUTOMATION_PRINCIPALPasswordLogon (BLAdmins:user@DOMAIN.COM): nexec: Connection aborted by the peer process


      This behaviour aborts all the ETL procesess.


      Is the secure file setting "client_keepalive_time=<value in seconds>" something that can help us to work around that problem ?


      Any idea what is causing this and how we can work around ?

      BSA is 8.6.1, AppServers are Linux and Windows right now since migration to Linux has not been completed finally.



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