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    AIX Patch Catalog - SUMA vs Fixget : Inconsistent number of filesets for same TL/SP combo

    Yanick Girouard

      We are testing SUMA versus Fixget as the download method to populate our AIX 6.1 Patch Catalog. For both, we only have one product filter for AIX 6.1, which is "AIX 6.1 TL09 SP06 1543".

      For SUMA, it only downloads 497 filesets
      For Fixget, it downloads 3,562 filesets

      If I run a Patch Analysis using the SUMA catalog against an AIX server at patch level 6100-08 ( AIX 6.1 TL8), it says there are no missing filesets and that all 497 are applied or superseded.

      If I run a Patch Analysis using the Fixget catalog against the same server, it finds 58 missing filesets to apply in order to get to TL9 SP6.

      If I run the following command locally on the server, it returns 55 missing filesets: oslevel -r -l 6100-09

      Note: The base repository paths was left blank in both catalogs.

      What am I missing for the SUMA catalog to have all required filesets ?


      (Case 00107357 was opened for the same)