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    Is it possible to patch ESXi hypervisor using BSA?

    Neel Shaha

      Hello Everyone,


      Customer wants ESXi to be patched in their environment so I have few queries as below:-

      1) Is it possible to patch ESXi hypervisor using BSA patch management functionality?

      2) If yes, how can we do this? I mean which patch catalog we have to use for checking updates for ESXi as I can not see any filters for ESXi while creating Linux catalog.

      3) If no, then is there any alternate way to achieve this using BSA?


      I can see that there is RSCD agent available for ESXi in BSA 8.5 version but as per my knowledge, we can on-board ESXi in BSA for performing provisioning use case so most probably it's not possible but still I wanted to double confirm before answering to the customer.


      Thanks in advance


      Best Regards,

      Neel Shaha