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    BMC Service Resolution (BSR) and BPPM Extensions

    Darius Wallace
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      There has been quite a bit of Q&A going back an forth on this topic. However, these have all been one-off discussions. The core question is:


      "How is it that BSR 3.5 is released and available for ITSM 9.1+ and TrueSight 10.x but in the TrueSight 10.x online documentation under the 'Supported software versions' section, ITSM 9.1+ products are not included?"


      The reason for this seemingly inconsistent alignment between BSR and TruesSight is due to the fact that publishing CI's from Atrium CMDB 9.1+ to TrueSight 10.x is currently not supported. BUT the publication of CI’s from the CMDB is not required for BSR to be functional.


      Don’t get me wrong; the BSR solution is enhanced by CI’s that are published from the CMDB. This allows the reconid’s to identify CI's impacted by events, which are associated with the resulting incidents. However, it would be more accurate to say that the CMDB publish operation to BPPM/TS is a pre-requisite for BSR to leverage reconid’s. This enables levels 2 (Infrastructure Based Ticketing) and 3 (Model based Ticketing).

      To be clear, BSR works with or without this publish integration. Level 1 (Event Based Ticketing) doesn’t include references to CI's. So the CMDB-Truesight publish operation is not required. As far as level 2 and 3 go, the “CI Name” can also be passed to the BSR Incident Management Service Interface. If it’s unique, the Incident Management Service Oriented Interface will automatically lookup that CI, find the match, and retrieve the needed reconid and related information. This is the approach taken by our BMC Mainframe Event Management System.


      BSR 3.5.x was validated with ITSM 9.1 and TrueSight 10.1. What that means is that the integration between Incident Management and TrueSight was validated. The publishing integration between the CMDB and TrueSight is a feature provided by TrueSight and is enabled by the BPPM Extension Installer. This is a valuable feature of the TrueSight Event Management System independent of BSR. BSR is primarily a consumer of the results of this integration.


      It’s important to note that the Extension installer is released with BPPM / TrueSight. However, given ITSM 9.1 was released after TrueSight 10.1, the 10.1 BPPM Extension Installer needed to be revalidated against ITSM 9.1. The revalidation on the Windows platform has been completed. There were some known issues identified that have work-arounds available. However, the TrueSight online documentation hasn’t been updated yet to reflect the results of this initial platform validation test. I believe the goal was to complete all the platform validations before updating the TrueSight online documentation. Validation of the remaining platforms is in progress and, where needed, hotfixes are being developed.


      In hindsight, we realize this distinction is not an obvious one. Even more important is that for customers, this solution can be viewed as encompassing not only Incident Management and Event Management, but also can be extended to Discovery and Configuration Management. Going forward, we will work to be more explicit in our documentation about other related components of the End-To-End Solution. In addition, we are also looking at aligning the BSR releases with TrueSight, and when needed, with the validation of the CMDB publish functionality enabled with the CMDB Extension Installer.