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    vm to storage relationship

    Ryan Nicosia
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      In VMware, the vmdk for each of our hosts are attached to specific file shares which are hosted by Netapp storage.  What we are looking for is the relationship that exists between the virtual host and the file share where the VMDK resides.


      Storage TKU is installed, we are successfully discovering the VM, ESXi host, and Netapp storage device without error.   It would appear the this relationship does not currently exist out of the box in BMC Discovery.


      Is that an accurate statement?  If so, has anybody had any luck writing some TPL to build that out?

      Our ultimate goal is to go into Atrium Impact Simulator, put in a storage device and spit out the list of services impacted.  The only way we get to that point (I believe) is with this relationship in the CMDB.

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          Andrew Waters

          That depends:

          * Upon the version of TKU Storage you are using,

          * How the NetApp is making the file systems available (for instance LUN support was added in TKU Storage 2016-02-1)

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            Ryan Nicosia

            BMC Discovery 11.  Latest storage TKU (I believe February but will need to verify).


            Could you expand upon your second bullet?  What information should I be looking at to determine how the Netapp is making the file system available?

            As always, appreciate the quick response.

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              Saurabh Thuse

              Hi Ryan,


              In an ideal world you should see VM to Storage link out of the box in BMC Discovery.


              Which TKU version you have? What is your BMC Discovery version?


              First of all can you tell me how your ESXi Host is mounting NetApp Storage (NFS/SAN i.e as LUN)?


              Its important to first understand if you are able to get NetApp->ESXi Filesystem linkage? If its there then we can look at VM disk details to see what could be issue here.



              Saurabh Thuse

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                Ryan Nicosia



                Not sure I understand the question about how the mounting is being done.  I do see relationships between ESXi and the Netapp.  But what I don't see is a relationship from the VM host to the file share where the vmdk of that host is located.  I do see the local file systems but I guess what I'm looking for is a link that would enable me to see that storage device A has vmdk's of XX hosts.


                Running BMC Discovery version 11.0 with the February TKU's for Discovery and Storage.

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                  Saurabh Thuse

                  Ok. What type of VM you have (Windows/RHEL etc). Do you see Disk drives getting created for those(VM) Host nodes?

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                    Here is a screenshot confirming the TKUs installed:


                    Here is a screen shot from vCenter showing which datastore my VM infwsus01p lives on:


                    "prod-nfs-nas-gwl-nas2-vol008" is the datastore hosted on one of our NetApp Filers.  These datastores are NFS exports.  When I search for “prod-nas-nfs-gwl-nas2-vol008” in BMC Discovery, I see the following results:


                    The "Discovered File Systems" list shows the column “Vm Uuids” which contains 25 values.  When I search for any of these values, it returns a hosts.  When I view the details of a host, I see an attribute named UUID.  Not sure if this is supposed to match the "Vm Uuid" value, but it's not an exact match although there are similarities.  After some trial and error, I was able to determine that the “Vm Uuid” 4229aaff-8d17-4097-44a3-b7c74a35ad9d is associated with my VM infwsus01p.


                    And when I click host, here is the UUID attribute.


                    So it seems there is knowledge in BMC Discovery that my VM infwsus01p has a relationship to the file system “prod-nas-nfs-gwl-nas2-vol008” which is provided by my NetApp filer.  But I don’t see this relationship graphically in BMC Dicovery, and more importantly, in the CMDB.