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    RBAC applies more ACL's then what the server object has

    Luciano Spagnuolo

      I discovered something strange that I can't explain.  If I add BLAdmins Server.* or other specific ACL's when I perform a push ACL the users file gets additional ACL's.  These are the same specific roles & users.  I can do this with multiple roles and the others still get applied.


      server object has ACL BLAdmins Server.* and no ACL policy applied.  When I push ACL's to this server it gets BLAdmins along with 6 other roles which are not defined to the server object.


      I've done this with a couple of servers and single ACL (different acl's) and the results are the same.


      Where are these additional ACL's coming from if not from Templates or policies?


      BL 8.5.1

      servers are Windows 2008 x64

      target servers with this issue so far seem to be 2008 & 2012



      Lou Spagnuolo