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    IdleNshProxyPruneTime setting and its impact ?

    Yanick Girouard

      I believe we have found an issue with some remote scripts that are called via NSH (using nexec) and return after precisely 2 hours with the following error:


      nexec: ioctl error: 0


      The scripts in question don't echo anything for long periods of time, and one of them is actually the run_etl.nsh script that is supplied with BSA. It timed out with this error and somehow left the ETL running but it never completed and had to be killed. We also noticed this on other commands done through nexec that also had long idle periods.


      The question is: Would this behavior be caused by the IdleNshProxyPruneTime app server setting, and if so, what would be the impact of increasing it to a longer period such as 8 hours ?