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    BBSA- Security Patch from BMC

    vaishnavi kumaran

      Hi Team,


      We applied the security critical patch released by BMC. Below are the patch details:




      BSA: Remediation Package for BSA Vulnerabilities CVE-2016-1542 and CVE-2016-1543

      After we applied the patch on one of the test server (AIX). We observe that the patch was applied successfully. However, in the document we can see that the below library files need to be updated in the RSCD directory on target server.

      RSCD_DIR/lib/librpccommon.so.1.0_back or librpccommon.sl.1.0_back

      RSCD_DIR/lib/libagentrpc.so.1.0_back or libagentrpc.sl.1.0_back

      But we were able to see as below in the screenshot:

      Instead of Filename_back it is coming as Filename_ CVE-2016-1542

      Please confirm if this is the usual behavior or do we need the files to be saved as _back.



      Please help us in this case



      With Regards,

      Vaishnavi M K