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    CMDB filtering not working as expected

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      Hi Team,


      I observed a very strange behavior under the CMDB sync Filtering option between ADDM and ADDM


      I have assigned a Host filter for Local FQDN attribute as "does not contain" and the domain "something.somewhere.com" on both the scanning appliances.


      This filter was set to make sure servers with the above FQDN do not sync to CMDB and it works as expected.


      The problem is observed for servers that do not have a FQDN discovered or IS NOT DEFINED.


      In case of ADDM the sync from ADDM to CMDB does not happen for these servers. I am sure this is not the expected behavior.


      Whereas on ADDM the CMDB sync happens for the same set of servers with the exact same filter applied. What is different in these two versions with respect to CMDB filtering or is it some kind of bug.


      Hence, I had to remove the filter in to make the sync work for these sets of servers without fqdn.


      Please note the sync works absolutely fine according to the condition specified for other servers with FQDN defined in