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    Can we discover CISCO IP Phones which are managed by CALL MANAGER ?

    Somnath Shilimkar
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      Hi All,


      We have requirement here that we want to discovery IP Phones, even though IP Phones are not directly supported in ADDM, we can write SNMP Recognition rule and get it discovered.


      here most of the IP Phones here are CISCO IP Phones managed by Call Manager. they say they use TAPI for managing it.

      I have asked them that please provide me community string and from ADDM appliance i must be able to do SNMP walk on the device. (appliance address must be added under ACL list of phones), they are not sure how to provide SNMP community string for CISCO Phones which are managed by Call Manager (they have raised it to CISCO for this). They tried adding community string for one node and on discovery i found that node is Call Manager Appliance and not the IP phone.


      Please let us know how to achieve discovery of these Phones. or how can we use this TAPI protocol for discovery if possible.




      Somnath Shilimkar.