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    ADDM 11 Upgrade check failed

    Bernard Stern
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      I uploaded ADDM 11 to my appliance that is currenty running the latest ADDM 11 beta. I cannot upgrade to ADDM 11. I am getting this error:


      Upgrade check failed: unable to upgrade from version to 11.0


      As I don't want to waste my time in installing a new set of ADDM 11 boxes, how can I achieve the upgrade from beta 11 to 11? Any command line trick? Please help! Thanks.

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          Andrew Waters

          You cannot upgrade from either a pre-release or beta to a GA release. This is not supported.

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            Bernard Stern

            Mhhh... not good. You mean I have to scrap my whole beta environment and install everything from scratch? Losing all my config stuff and content? That's a huge downer for me.

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              Kerryn Wood

              Sorry that will cause you to reset Bernard.


              We can (and did!) make fundamental changes between the betas and between beta and GA that mean an upgrade may be destructive/impossible which is why we don't support that upgrade path.

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                Andrew Waters

                We have never supported pre-release/beta to release versions.

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                  Bernard Stern

                  It's just that the documentation mentions upgrade is possible from 10.1 and later. Since the beta is 10.2.90 it should be ok.... Not even restore a backup from a beta 11? Painstakingly having to reconfigure everything? I have packaged a number of our custom configs (via tw_ commands) but a number of such configs can only be done via the GUI, which is a nightmare of clicking around and not trying to forget anything. Not sure I will do another beta...

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                    Kerryn Wood

                    Unfortunately a backup/restore isn't the answer - for the same reason. We fundamentally change things that mean it'll fail too.

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                      Bernard Stern

                      OK, thanks for the information, at least now I know. It's gonna be painful tomorrow.Enough for today. And yes I'm quite frustrated right now. Perhaps a BIG NOTICE at the very beginning of the beta reminding the unknowing that the BETA APPLIANCE WILL NOT BE UPGRADABLE TO GA might be useful (ok, I'm pretty sure it's written somewhere in tiny characters). I most probably would not have sacrificed my DEV ADDM boxes. The bad thing about it is, it will no longer really be in sync with my other environments that have been upgraded all way back since 8.x. A fresh installation is never exactly like an upgrade, and this makes any change to AT and PROD less predictable in the future.

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                        Chris Hughes

                        Do you not have a back up of your Dev appliance prior to the Beta?  Or can you restore a snapshot of your prod system into Dev and then upgrade from there?

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                          Bernard Stern

                          Thanks for the thought, but unfortunately no! I keep 2 generations of backup, weekly backups. Perhaps in the future this will be possible as I am moving to NFS shares on the appliances to take advantage of our NAS filers that have more snapshots than I keep ADDM backups. PROD to DEV is not an option, most meaningful configuration params will be different, plus I have a very limited access to PROD. Banking environment has a number of limitations!

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                            BMC Team,


                            So, upgrading from a pre-release or beta to GA is not supported but one can upgrade from a GA to a pre-release or beta? What's the thinking behind that? This pretty much means that if one upgrades to a beta or pre-release, you will be stuck.


                            I am in a same situation where I upgraded a DEV GA appliance to a pre-release and now I am stuck. I cannot even upgrade to a recent TKU because the update complains that the core TKU is newer than what I am trying to install, I guess because it looks at the package name which contains '2066'.




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                              Bernard Stern

                              Hello Martin


                              So it's still the same with pre-release installations. I wish BMC made it plain visible with ultra bold and huge print that going the pre-release way is essentially a dead-end road.There is a dirty hack to get you back on track, but that will be totally unofficial and unsupported. I considered that for a while but in the end I opted for a fresh reinstall. So next time I'll have some time to play around with a pre-release, I will make sure to store a snapshot before pressing the upgrade button.





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                                Kerryn Wood

                                Hi Martin Wenger,


                                An example of why we allow upgrade from GA version is that it allows you to run a dev instance of your production build - ideally with your production datastore - and upgrade that to pre-release versions to exercise new features, see what it looks like with your current data set, etc. It is pre-release code and we may do destructive things or there are bugs lurking that we haven't found in testing yet that may destabilize production environments.


                                You are correct - we use the versioning to indicate in an obvious way that the bits are beta/pre-release. We also want the latest in-dev set of knowledge to make sure that all applicable features are exercised from patterns.


                                We'll make sure that this is clearer in the notices from now on. Apologies for the pain!

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                                  Bernard Stern

                                  Hi Kerryn


                                  I see the reason for doing so. That is from an ideal world perspective. I believe, however, that most of us don't live in such a world, at least I don't.I have 3 ADDM environments, DEV, TEST and PROD. I used my DEV environment for the pre-release, meaning to process my way through the different stages of pre-release, and at the end upgrade to GA. It's not that easy to get new VMs, not to mention moving production data to dev servers. There are also some "interesting" network zones that are only accessible from the PROD servers. Typically new features would mean access to the "interesting" zones. On top of that, even here budgeting gets tighter every year and resources sparser. I'd love to spend more time with Discovery, but unfortunately it just runs too well, no issues at all since some time :-)

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