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    Questions / strange behaviour about upgrade from ITSM 8.1.01 to 9.1

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      We ran ITSM 8.1.01 until now and are currently upgrading to 9.1.


      Here's one of the dialogs shown during the installation/upgrade:


      CI Attributes 01.png


      The warning I highlighted above sounds a bit strange to me, because our 8.1 installation was done from scratch, it wasn't an upgrade.

      Does this warning mean that there actually are attributes on our CMDB which have to be removed? Or is this a standard message which always appears, regardless of whether or not there are attributes which have to be removed?


      CI Attributes 02.png


      In the screenshot above, it says again that ITSM attributes have not been deleted from the CMDB and that the installer can be re-run.

      Also note the text at the bottom about the multi-tenancy service.


      Then we ran the ITSM installer a 2nd time: (see below)

      CI Attributes 03.png

      We select the "Remove CI attributes from CDM" option, just like the installer told us to in the 1st run.



      CI Attributes 04.png

      Note the text at the bottom of the above screenshot about the multi-tenancy update.


      The installer runs through a 2nd time.


      Then we run the ITSM installer a 3rd time (see below):

      CI Attributes 05.png


      Now the text about the multi-tenancy update is different than before, it doesn't complain about data errors any longer. Does that mean everything's OK in regards to multi-tenancy?


      I'd be grateful for feedback on the "Remove CI attributes from CMDB"-message and the multi-tenancy update.