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    Patch Analysis Failure on multiple servers

    Naveena HR

      Hi Team,


      BBSA RHEL PAJ for rhel 6 servers in one slot with multiple servers.


      Job is failing with the below error logs:


      Error 02/23/2016 17:31:32 STDERR: cat: rpm-includes.lst: No such file or directoryERROR::YUM dry run failed. For more details, please execute job in debug mode and check yum.err.logERROR::*******************************************ERROR::YUM unable to complete analysis for either of the following reasonsERROR::-- An rpm required as a part of dependency is in the exclude listERROR::-- The patch respository is incomplete and dependencies are missing in repositoryERROR::YUM listed errors belowERROR::*******************************************ERROR::Missing Dependency: libgomp = 4.4.7-4.el6 is needed by package gcc-4.4.7-4.el6.i686 (installed)


      Even after excluding the dependency rpm from the job , job is failing for the servers.


      Operating System : RHEL6

      Bladelogic/ Version / Patch : 8.6


      Please help in this issue.


      Thanks in advance