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    Need help setting up AIX online patch catalog in 8.7

    Yanick Girouard

      Can someone explain to me how we're supposed to setup the AIX online patch catalog and how we need to create the base level repository exactly ? The online documentation is extremely sparse in that regard and we are getting the following error when we update our catalog, just after it starts the "Generating deps metadata" phase:


      Error while updating metadata, Error: aix_metadata_generator script failed with exit status: 200, Error: ln: bos.net.ewlm.rte. No such file or directory

      Failed to create link file for fileset bos.net.ewlm.rte. for V61000906...


      Unfortunately, it doesn't say much at all... Where is this file supposed to be located, and which step did we miss in the setup if it's missing ?


      Here's a screenshot of our current catalog:


      2016-03-01 4-57-41 PM.png