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    AMO For VMWare ESX Servers

    Chris Blanks

      We have recently upgraded from 8.5 to 8.7 Patch 2 and are starting to use AMO for our VMWare vCenter servers.  Since that has worked out well, we are testing with Virtual Infrastructure Discovery Jobs.  Combined with BDSSA, this creates some powerful information.  When we ran this job with the Auto Register discovered ESX Hosts / Virtual Systems, the job did exactly that. 


      Now to the issue/question...  We are using vCenter appliances, so AMO works very well here.  Our VMWare team also treats the ESX servers as appliances as well, so I am unable to install an RSCD agent on them.  My questions are:


      1. Can I register VMWare ESX servers with AMO?
      2. Can I Update Virtual Infrastructure without adding ESX Hosts and maintain the level of value that we are currently getting?
      3. Are their other methods for achieving what I am looking for outside of this process?


      Thanks in advance for any help offered.


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          Bill Robinson

          Why do you want to register the esx servers in bsa ?

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            Chris Blanks

            I am actually not a big fan of registering them personally, but according to the documentation this is how the process works.  Excerpt:


            • Run Virtual Infrastructure Update — Ensures that the BMC Server Automation inventory is consistent with the actual virtual environment. This option updates the properties for all virtual entities that are present in the Server workspace of the BMC Server Automation inventory. If there is a discrepancy between servers available in the BMC Server Automation inventory and servers which are present in the virtual environment, then the servers are listed under the Missing Servers node of the Job Results. The Missing Servers node lists the servers which are present in the BMC Server Automation inventory but do not exist in the actual virtual environment. Selecting this option also enables the Run Virtual Infrastructure Discovery and Auto-Register... options.


            Since we have to pay for every server defined in BladeLogic as it is "managed", it would make sense to actually be able to "talk to it" else I am paying for an extra 250 servers that I can do nothing with from a BSA perspective.  I would love even more to have this benefit without having to have the ESX servers added to BSA at all.

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              Bill Robinson

              ‘server’ there in the paragraph is for the managed servers, not the esx nodes.

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                Chris Blanks

                That was my assumption as well, however executing the job added 229 ESX servers to BSA none of which BSA can communicate directly with.


                If this is not the intended behavior, I will certainly open a ticket with support.  My thought was that this was a requirement to update the VIRTUALIZATION properties for managed servers since the VIRTUAL_ENTITY_CONTAINER property was type Server rather than type String Within the Property Dictionary.

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                  Bill Robinson

                  Oh – i see, there is the option to register the host and guest.  that’s kind of useless now since there is no more ESX and only ESXi.


                  the esx nodes will be in an enrolled but offline state so they should not count towards any license usage (which should be enrolled and online)

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                    Chris Blanks

                    Thanks, Bill.  It seems like this should be an RFE to clean this up, but I have not used it enough to offer any suggestions other than "it doesn't feel right". 


                    Thanks again for your insight.  As always, it is greatly appreciated.