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    Add Metrics in BPPM

    Jorge Xifra
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      Hi Guys


      Can I sum up metrics in BPPM?


      Let me elaborate:

      Customer has 4 servers. Each server has 5 weblogics.  Inside each weblogic instance, exist a Web Application called ABC.

      So I have 20 running  instances of  application ABC. All 20 Web Applications are in cluster

      On each instance I can monitor the number of open sessions. (see chart below)



      Whenever a user logs in, it can be directed to any of the 20 instances


      I need to sum up the number of sessions of all 20 applications (across 4 patrol agents) to know the total number of sessions of application ABC.


      Any easy way I can do it?


      In the past we used to have Resource Pool Monitor, but is deprecated now.

      Composite only allows to process metric from the same agent, and the same seems to be true for KM Studio


      Note: After I have the new metric, I will to set it as a KPI, so BPPM can learn the baseline.






      The 20 instances are not balanced.

      Just take a look at this two.