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    History Logs Output

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      Hi All,


      I am working on Control-M v9, with both EM and Server installed on same windows 2k12 box. We dont have Control-M for archiving. 


      1. Is it possible to retain History data for 365 days? what are the negative impact of doing so?

      2. What are negative impact of keeping agent logs for 99 days?

      3. What are negative impact of keeping job output for 99 days?



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          Prakash Bendrikar

          HI Jack,


          Below are answers to yours questions hope it will help you:

          1. Is it possible to retain History data for 365 days? what are the negative impact of doing so?

          Ans : Yes it is possible to retain History data for 365 days with Reporting Facility.Answer to another question of this ,firstly why you need such information to put the track as you can extract those information from Control-m Data Base tables .The negative impact would be on performance of your application as in which suite u installed (no of jobs count)

          talking more on it retrieving history means all job logs with their conditions and process information.This will for sure hamper to the performance of Application and the future NDP i.e core part of Control-M will be useless .


          2. What are negative impact of keeping agent logs for 99 days?

          Ans : every log file contain at least some byte of memory on Agent node directory.More the log files more the data storage required and more the performance of application present on that machine impact.If there is no strong reason to put those log files on machine best option you can do with housekeeping jobs where the location of logs wold be differ from its exact place i.e on agent node directory.


          3. What are negative impact of keeping job output for 99 days?

          Ans : Here its seems more complication ,every sysout i.e job output contains information of jobs execution and it can be in MB's more the data more the space to store and more impact on performance .Solution for this you can copy those output file to another location i.e another drive on Machines for future use .


          Remember there is nothing we cant do on Control-M prospective but its depends on Admin on which circumstances the information need to be store without hampering the performance of Control-M and the application which runs on it.

          Best practice is to recommend BMC default options to run application smooth.




          Prakash B

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            Rick Westbrock

            Prakash Bendrikar I am curious as to how a large number of log files might impact application performance on a server running the agent. Does the agent software ever have to enumerate all the existing log files or something like that?

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              Paul Robins

              Personally, I would be concerned about the effort required by the agent to locate the sysout file every time it is called for viewing from the GUI. The more files there are, the more effort there will be by the file system (especially Windows!). Also you would want to ensure that you are not performing agent cleanup in Newday. I think this was a new option in v8. Any delay to newday processing is bad news.

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                Gonzalo Barrio

                If you MUST keep that much information available, then have whoever is the decision maker get Workload Archiving.

                Even if your server(s) are very powerful, I *think* it's not a good idea to overstress your environment.


                If there's no way you can get your company to license WLA Archiving, then make sure you open a support ticket with BMC to get an ideal sizing of your servers based on the amount of info you need to keep, and also have them tell you if such situation has been tested by them, and what are the risks and limitations, and notify all your Control-M users of this so they're aware.

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                  Prakash Bendrikar

                  Hi Rick,


                  Answering to your question is ,we run with concept resource (quantitative and control).Any application runs on windows need one process to run at back-end same as control-m Tracker nd logger keeps tracks on sysout files and history.If there is no option for NDP flush out the garbage information i.e technically not an garbage then it really hamper to the performance of the system on which the application stands.What if we are using same architecture on single machine ?

                  Not in distributed fashion.the process which is Control-M Agent service runs have 4.kb of memory utilization at its maximum usage .and if we start counting with such instance then it will be more memory specific rather than performance and application owner don't want agent to be present in their environment.After all there is more pros and cons on this but its depends on Admin how he configure the Architecture blue print for better performance of application .


                  Regards ,

                  Prakash b

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                    Can you Please share the default path for the Jobs sysout  and agent logs..       

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                      Hi Anika,


                      You can find these directories on the agent.

                      %HomeDir% is the root directory where agent is installed.


                      %HomeDir%\Control-M Agent\Default\SYSOUT

                      %HomeDir%\Control-M Agent\Default\DAILYLOG