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    SpeedUp VMWare Template deployment

    Steffen Kreis


      we are using BSA 8.6.1 to deploy Windows Server 2012 R2 VGP's to our VMWare environments.


      One thing we noticed during the template deployment that the machine sometimes seems to sit there doing nothing before it then reboots again.


      Looking into the guestcust.log after the deployment reveals lines like this:



      [2016-02-22T13:11:08: :   INFO] Waiting for Sysprep to exit.

      [2016-02-22T13:11:14: :   INFO] Sysprep is no longer running.

      [2016-02-22T13:11:14: :  DEBUG] Registry value 'CustomRescheduleRebootDelay' is not set. Returning default value: 120

      [2016-02-22T13:11:14: :   INFO] Sleeping for 120 seconds...

      [2016-02-22T13:13:14: :   INFO] Rebooting...


      I can't find any documentation regarding that Registry key and if the "waiting" can be eliminated.

      Has anybody come across a similiar issue ?


      Given that the Template deployment takes ~10 to 12 minutes overall, a sleeping of 120 seconds inside is far from ideal.