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    clean all app server caches fails on the same instance constantly

    Luciano Spagnuolo

      We have a scheduled daily cleanup job that runs through several processes.  All works fine except the last one which does a   cleanup of AppServerCaches.  It fails on the same app server instance constantly.  This instance is running fine and processing jobs without any issues.  How can I determine why it fails?  The log doesn't give much info and I was unable to find much in the communities.

      The job is using the recommended DB cleanup nsh script with executionmode set to CLEAN_ALL_AS.

      I even ran it manually blcli Delete cleanupAllAppServerCaches 14 with the same results.


      The environment is BSA 8.5.01.  App Servers are Windows 2008r2 x64 multiple physical servers each with multiple instances.  But the failure is on a single instance.



      Lou Spagnuolo

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