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    Component Template Part Include/Exclude

    Chris Blanks

      We have recently upgraded from BSA 8.5 to 8.7 Patch 2.  Today, we have noticed a change in behavior that appears to contradict the documentation here:



      When we add a part (Type Directory) such as /E/ApplicationsHome/Application, the part is added correctly as it always has.  When we add Include or Exclude options such as *.exe or *.dll, or *.*, we get the following error:


      Include/Exclude path must me a sub-path of the parent object


      We have tried specifying the original path in the include/exclude and it appears to escape the wildcards and registers it like:




      Discoveries, snapshots, etc do not interpret them as wildcards rather literals and the behavior is effectively broken.  All previous definitions in this manner are working perfectly.  We just cannot add any new Includes/Excludes.


      Has anyone experienced this or have any workarounds?  Support is my next stop in case this is a defect...