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    Troubleshooting onboarding of vCenter Linux Appliance 5.5

    Marcel Drechsler



      BSA application server version is


      I'm having problems with distributing the vCenter configuration object for vCenter Linux Appliance 5.5. The DCO Job is always stating the following:


      no applicable classes for target vc01


      I've installed the Linux x64 RSCD Agent on the vCenter Linux Appliance, the exact same version as the BSA application server ( The server properties are also showing this. The BUILD_ENVIRONMENT property is set to "LinuxRedHatAS4-x86_64". The Instance of the Connection and Virtualization Property Class was created and configured.


      I already did run an Update Server Properties Job against the server and reinstalled the RSCD agent. I'm not really sure if this problem is caused by the fact that the BSA application server was upgraded multiple times, from 8.0 to 8.1, 8.3, 8.5, 8.6 and finally 8.7. I already checked the fileserver where the "blassetclasses" files are stored. I can find an directory for vmware, having sub-directories "rhas3" and "rhas4_x86_64" within "implementations". I guess that would be the correct asset files for the vCenter Linux Appliance. But there are really many different directories within the blassetclasses directory (195) - that might be because the BSA appserver was upgraded multiple times.


      Does anyone has some hints on this?