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    Update Custom Server Property

    Chris Blanks

      This conversation appears to pop up about every 6 months or so with new and creative ways to achieve "Custom Intrinsic" Server Properties.  The Idea has been out there for some time, so I have no idea if it has gotten any traction at all.


      Looking at 8.7, this functionality still does not appear to be available, however there are a couple things that make me think that there may be a clever way to achieve a similar result.  Of late, these appear to be related to the Compliance engine and the use of "persists" and/or "remediate" operands, but the documentation surrounding the use, examples, and potential of these is sparse at least to my limited mental capacity.


      So, back to the spirit of the post, has anyone come up with a clever approach to solving this issue that does not involve an NSH script looping through 7000 servers executing commands serially and calling blcli with the result?