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    Installation Context

    John Thies



      I have read the documentation on automation principals and understand the user mapping and such but what I am looking for is an ability to use the local system account. I have many years in application packaging and deployment and have run into issues where user x installs a product and then patches or updates aimed at updating the product that x installed. the issue is that the updates fail as the system cannot see the product from x so updates or patches are not applied as the installation context cannot see the product as being installed.

      This I believe is impacting our ability to apply patches, the patches are a part of the catalog and I am able to see the products that should be patched as installed however updates fail and in looking at the logging the patches are not installed and the error 1605 states the product is not installed and the patches are not applied.


      Ok yes I am new to BSA so I must be missing something simple..

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          Bill Robinson

          so you are using automation principals to communicate w/ your agents.


          you run a patching job against the server which generates a list of missing patches.


          you run the remediation job which generates the blpackage and deploy job artifacts


          you then run the deploy job and there's an error (1605?) ?


          there should be a bldeploy log on the system in the <install>/RSCD/Transactions/log directory.  can you attach that ?  (use the adv editor on the post)