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    How to install a msi that needs a conf.xml file

    Nigel Benton



      We have a MSI that needs to have a conf.xml file in the same directory as the installer when it is run.


      Is there any way to achieve this using a MSI Package or a Custom software package?


      I cannot see any options to add such a file in either of the above?


      Do you have to use a file deploy job to achieve this?


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          Bill Robinson

          there are a couple ways:


          1 - when you create the depot software, instead of uploading the msi, upload a directory w/ both the msi and the xml.  ??SOURCE?? will be the dir, so your install command would be like:

          cd ??SOURCE?? & msiexec foo.msi


          2 - add the xml as a 'response file' - create a variable in the install command like:


          msiexec /i ??SOURCE?? ??_RESPONSE_FILE??


          and you'll be able to upload a file, but i think that will only help if you can reference the path of the install file as an argument to the msi.