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    TSCO Icon issues with Firefox v44

    Mike West
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      This notification is for TSCO customers that use Firefox.


      Icon issues with Firefox v44 (released in January): Due to a change in the way Firefox browser is validating custom fonts, some icons in CO Console UI are not rendered correctly (applies to CO 10.0 and CO 10.3, Firefox only).


      The problem will be resolved in the following cumulative hot fix that is either available or planned to be available through technical support:


        • v10.3 : 10.3 Fix Pack 1, CHF 6 ( which was released Feb 2, 2016


        • v10.0 : 10.0 CP2, CHF 8 ( .C00008) which will be released Feb 23, 2016


      Below is an example of the problems you will see in the user interface.  The problem is also visible in other pages including the Views.




      You may contact BMC Support to get access to the CHF described above that address this problem.



      Michael D. West