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    Inbound Email Rule Configuration

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      Remedy ITSM suite 8.1.02

      I am creating an email use case to create an incident when the subject line contains a certain value. I've set everything up, but cannot get the incident to create when I email the AR system an email with the required qualifications. I get a the following response from AR system:

      We are unable to process your email with the Subject: "qualification value here"

      Error Number: 326
      Error Message: Required field cannot be blank.

      Please contact the Service Desk directly for assistance.

      I don't know what I'm missing or what I have set up incorrectly. I don't know what "blank" field is keeping it from creating the incident. I have tried executing it with and without using an incident template (template has all required fields populated).

      how can I further troubleshoot why this email rule is not creating the incident?