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    Compliance Remediation Question

    Jegavelan Sargunan

      Hi All,


                 We recently upgraded from 8.3 to 8.6 BSA, after upgrade we see a difference in the remediation  deployment. While in 8.3 for the compliance remediation if I want to insert a local user group we just specific it in the BL package and it always deployed it has a local group even if the local group is not present in the server.


            But after upgrade if  local user group is not in the server it use the TARGET.AD properties and it insert the local user group as a domain user group.




      8.3 remediation package value ASPNET and it insert a group call ASPNET




      8.6 is inserting a user group has domain/ASPNET (If the user group ASPNET  already existing in the server  it is  working fine)


      How to over come this issue ?