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    Templates of virtual machines used to deploy new production servers

      We have templates of virtual machines, which are used by our customers to deploy new production servers. On those templates we have bunch of preinstalled and preconfigured software like backup, antivirus, bladelogic etc. We can provide reliable, automatic and standardized service related with new deployed servers for our customers.

      So our goal was to provide some automatic service which could patch every template without manual tasks, which will guarantee our customers, that their new deployed servers have already most of the recent windows patches installed.

      Most of the time those templates are not running, they are in let’s say “standby mode” in VMWare environment from where it can be cloned for new customer server purposes. And this leads us to situation, when BSA objects related to them have status “not responding”.

      It is not possible to patch deployed servers instead of templates because many of servers are not in our main DC


      Do you think that there is another possibility how to do this without this not responding virtual machines in BSA?