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    HR app design ?

    Jerker Billberg


      We want to evaluate your HR-app and found this page: www.bmcsoftware.co.za/forms/ITSM-HRCaseMgt-Trial-Q2FY16.html

      One of the images on the page indicates that the HR app has the same GUI as My/Smart it.



      After entereing my details on the page, the button "Try me now" takes me to: BMC Remedy ITSM Suite Trial - BMC Software

      From here I can not find any HR app demo environment that looks like the image above.

      I find "only" two links to either "My it" or "HR app that runns on midteir".


      Were can we try the version that has a similar GUI as My/Smart it ?



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          Steve Terry

          Hi Jerker,


          MyIT is now part ofthe solution as part of the latest release (4.6 which went GA on 22/12/2015)


          Even though the underlying technology is MyIT, companies can obviously rebrand and reskin to be MyHR or MySupport for example


          The reason for the change is that we wanted to enhance mobility capailities and also we saw value in consolidating catalog view across Hr and IT.


          We're in the process of updating the app and trial links for public consumption (See Try Buy Environment)  so you could either: wait 1 week or you could download the HR Case Management Preconfigured Stack from electronic product downloads (EPD) on our support site


          Ill get the team to update the screenshots